Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gallery Walk coming up July 23- Friday Night 5-9

City Wide Gallery Walk Night coming up July 23- Friday Night from 5-9:00 pm.
The Bradley Art Gallery will have live music from a Chicago band called Paper Thick Walls....who will play from 5-7:30 pm.....We will have food and drink as well!  Come see this awesome band and see and buy lots of very unique original artwork.  The gallery is full of new work to see!  We need your support.....please come and enjoy the festivities and support The Bradley Art Gallery!  Call 608-873-9026 with any questions regarding the Gallery Walk Night.  At the sidebar see utube of Paper Thick Walls or google them to hear their music.  Very nice...indy rock/folk.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 new additions to our gallery and other things

Its been a long and exhausting time of it to finally expand our gallery to 2 floors!  Upstairs from the current gallery we will soon be opening The Artisans Workshop ....a part of The Bradley Art Gallery.  Upstairs there will be art classes of ALL kinds...of varying lengths and prices...taught be experienced artists in their medium for both total beginners hoping to learn something brand experts already! 
We will also be offering many other "life enriching workshops...creative writing..languages such as Spanish, Italian and possibly Norwegian!  And many other varied classes...we will be moving our regular yoga classes on Wednesdays upstairs as well.   We have been so excited about it and it almost near the time when we can get upstairs and start arranging the space and getting ready!  More pictures soon!   I saw this podium and loved it...I thought it would be perfect for the "teacher" to stand ...and have a place to hold paperwork help them be organized....I love it!  Its a beautiful piece isnt it?  I get to pick it up on well as this beatuiful wood jewelry display case.  I have been eagerly awaiting my new jewerly to come and fill it!  The posters are in the way....but it is a beautiful piece of hickory funriture..and in perfect shape..I am excited to have more room for jewelry here at the gallery!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Syttende Mai at The Bradley Art Gallery! May 14-16 --last weekend

Inna Larson played here during our Syttende Mai Celebration this year 2010 last weekend.  I just had to show you some pictures of her beautiful outfit and instrument. Inna plays traditional Hardanger Fiddle Music and she will be back next year if you missed her!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Syttende Mai King and Queen came to visit the Bradley Art Gallery

Dave and Barb Kalland, the King and Queen of Syttende Mai for 2010 came to the gallery today to visit and wish us a good Syttende Mai Weekend!  Hope you can come to see us this weekend!  We have live music this Friday night---AJ Love playing chicago blues....from 7-10 PM (May 14th)  and on Sunday afternoon (May 16th) there is Inna Larson playing tradional Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle music from 10-11:30 in full costume!  Come and enjoy all the festivities all weekend and please dont forget to come in to The Bradley Art Gallery which is right in the heart of all the festivities!  See you here!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My new Gallery Birds!!! Yea ...Welcome George and Gracie!

These are my new "gallery birds"!  George and Gracie!  I just got them last night...I think they will love living at the much color and noise and people and attention!!! They are attention mongers!  Especially Gracie on the left.  She is a Quaker Parrot and George is a Love Bird.  George could care less... I think...about peoples attention...but Gracie wants to be loved totally!  They are both freaked out today..everything is too new...I am trying to give them their "space" to acclimate...but its so hard...Gracie is so fun!  She hasn't been worked with too much...but Quakers can really be big talkers.  So, we are going to work on far she has just imitated my laugh...which was hilarious!!  And she gives kisses...but that's all so far.  I have to do some reading about these birds so I can be the very best human friend they could have.  Quakers live to be about 30....Gracie is around 7. The love bird is around 4 yrs old...I don't know how long Love Birds live...I will find this all out...what a fun new journey!!!  Please come and check my new feathered friends out at the gallery!!